Amsterdam! Part 1

Hello guys!

I know I was supposed to write this post a few days back but as the saying goes ‘better late than never’ , I’ve been procrastinating this post for the longest time now. If you have read my previous blog posts you would know that me & my husband enjoyed our stay in Paris & it was time for us to move on to our next destination – Amsterdam

We took a train from Paris to Amsterdam – almost a 3 and a half hour journey. Our journey was great as we booked our tickets with Thalys:

Husband excited to go to Amsterdam
Funny how things around me suddenly start to blur when I see FOOD

Amsterdam is the capital of Netherlands, home to many canals and bridges. This place is also nicknamed as the ‘Venice of north’ (although I’ve never been to Venice so I’m not sure how true that is). The city has some great museums, parks and places to SHOP, yeah that had to be bold, underlined & in Italic form as that was the most important part of this trip, Right? Yes, shopping was important but then the city itself was so damn gorgeous that I could not help but fall in love – it was love at first sight for me, I don’t know if Amsterdam felt the same way towards me.

Important note: Anyone reading this blog from Amsterdam, if you are interested in adopting an adult female please contact me. I have some supreme talents that I don’t usually boast about, some of my talents include – doing laundry, cooking food which may or may not be inedible, I can sing to entertain you (my friends call it screeching). If you do not want to adopt me then all I can say to you is “Your loss, huh” & “adopt me please, pleaaaasssseeeeee”?

Ok, so as soon as we reached Amsterdam we took a cab and headed towards our very cool hostel – CityHub a hostel with a concept. Basically you book yourself a hub at this hostel, so hub is the name given by them for their capsule like rooms. Each hub has WiFi, air ventilation,air conditioning, a very comfortable bed and you can also change the lighting inside your hub into many colors. The bathrooms and shower  for men and women are seperate and pretty neat.

Now for the best part – Wait for it – They give you a freaking portable Wifi which you can take with you and use around the city. So damn considerate! Yep! But you obviously gotta return it when your stay is over.

You can either book the upper hub or the lower hub
Fayu deciding between Mocha and Americano. Decisions, Decisions!

Link to the hostel: (Check it out)

So after we dropped our bags it was time to explore the beautiful city. Biking is a way of life here. Its how the locals commute around the city – shop, go to work or meet a friend all you need to do is rent a bike.

We rented our bikes and headed towards Dam Square – a square that has food stalls, restaurants and branded stores. This place is very popular and crowded. Whatever the weather, there is always something going on here so expect lots of entertainment:





After Entertainment, waiting for my fries at a stall in the square
Mandatory Selfie with the Canal
Another Mandatory Picture at the square


Things to do and see in Dam Square:

  1. Nieuwe Kerk (New Church) is a gothic building that holds Royal coronations and weddings, as well as art exhibitions
  2. National Monument was erected in 1956 to memorialize the victims of World War II. Visitors often sit all around the monument.
  3. Madame Tussauds the famous wax museum
  4. Eat at the restaurants
  5. Go to the coffee shops (These are not just your regular coffee shops, they sell hashish, marijuana and related stuff I think)


We chilled near the Dam square till the night & the next thing we know is we somehow magically and for unknown reasons were in the middle of The Red Light area, we really dint know how that happened. Ok fine, we walked towards the Red light area willfully. So in the Red Light area there are these beautiful women and trans women (who look more woman than real women, if you know what I mean) skimpily dressed in their window parlors trying to lure men. Photographing these women is strictly banned, if caught taking pictures one would face consequences. So obviously I dint take pictures. Honestly the place looked quite dodgy and we got out from there quickly cos I was being a chicken.

We ended the night by grabbing a quick bite as we wanted to do a lot of things the next day, also I’m gonna end the post here for today & stop boring you as always. Part 2 will follow soon.

Until next time.




What I Wore For My Brother’s Wedding

Hello Gorgeous!

My brother’s wedding was one of the biggest things this year for me (also for him I guess. Shouldn’t it be the biggest thing for him and not for me? No what am I saying? It should be equally big for me & him! But I’m not the one who’s getting married, he’s the one getting married. Ok wait! *thinks a lot & comes to a conclusion* – Nevermind Shahla, don’t stress your brain over it’s capacity)

Moving on, this post is my attempt to show off what I wore at my brother’s wedding. (Don’t use terms like show off! It comes off as rude & boastful which you are most of the times but don’t show your true colors to your readers just yet) Oh right! So this post is to show you guys what I wore for brother’s wedding. 

Outfit for Nikah (The name given for a Muslim marriage):

Me & the Beautiful Bride AKA my sister AKA my sister in law AKA my brother’s wife – You get the point!
I got the off white cloth fabric from India (Courtesy my lovely Mother In Law) & the pearl lace on my waist also from India. The fabric used for the gown is a soft net with floral embroidery  on it. Got this dress stitched from a tailor in Qatar.

Squint eyes & that 100 watt smile – such a retard

Outfit for Mehendi:

I wore a all royal blue cape top & a pleated skirt for the Mehendi with a turban (Turban tutorial coming next week on the blog – I Promise!). I bought the fabric for the top & skirt from Doha. The top is again a soft net with embroidery & pearls on it and the fabric of the skirt is raw silk. Got this outfit tailor made in Doha.



Outfit for Kerala Reception:

I got a soft net fabric AGAIN. This time I bought a red soft net and decided to make a Sari out of it.



My Darlings!! Sisters from other mother 🙂 Aren’t they Gorgeous? MashaAllah. Also I need to learn some fashion from these two ^_^

If you read my previous blog – March Goals, you will know that I was the unofficial event manager of my brother’s wedding. Hence, NO SINGLE PICTURES FROM THIS DAY (Sniff, Sniff)

Outfit for Mumbai reception:

So for this day I bought a ready made beautiful gold salwar kameez and bought a mirror work lace. I added this lace to enhance the already beautiful dress.



Well Well! That’s it for today! Let me know if you want me to blog anything in particular? (Turban and scarf tutorial coming up next week).






This Valentine’s – Make a difference!

Why is Valentine’s day always associated with your boyfriends, girlfriends or spouses? Isn’t this the day of love? So why do you have to limit expressing our love to only that one person. You may say because they are ‘special’ – Ok! Agreed they are special! So isn’t your mum special? Isn’t your cat special? Isn’t your best friend with whom you have a platonic relationship special? Aren’t kids in the orphanage who have no family special?

Valentine’s Day is considered as a lovely day to express your love, and we should try not to stick to please that one person. You need to share the love with everyone that is special to you. “How do I walk up to my father randomly & say ‘I love you’? That’s gonna be awkward” – if your not the ‘expressing with words’ type then you have so many other ways to express your love. For instance, hold that door for a few more seconds for someone, offer an act of kindness, write a note for your little sibling, make coffee for your colleague, give a compliment to someone, tell a good joke or a bad one.Its simple things in life that makes people happy & if you are in any which way a reason for that happiness that alone will increase the love for you in their hearts! Be that reason this Valentine’s Day and bring that beautiful change. It would cost you nothing but make a huge difference!

P.S: don’t forget to send flowers to your loved ones ocassionally & not just on Valentine’s!


Who doesn’t like the idea of sipping on some great coffee with some freshly baked croissant whilst enjoying the sight of a busy street in Montmartre & then a chicly dressed waiter walks up to you and asks in his killer French accent “Some more Coffee mam”? Yes Pleaseee!! Paris.. Paris.. Paris.. The city with some of the best boulangeries, patisseries, cafes and chocolatiers.It has always been my dream destination and I wanted to visit this beautiful ‘City of Light’. I wanted to know after all was this city really worth all the Hype?

Fayaz (Fayu) & I had visited my brother Last summer in London (Will be blogging about our stay in London in my following posts soon, hopefully) &  celebrated Eid with him. We had booked a train to Paris for the next day, very very early in the morning. Took a cab to the station, got there late! Great! Nothing new with me & Fayu, then we had to wait in the longest que to get through immigration and get our Passports stamped. We then had to rush to our High-speed train.

Still managed to take a quick selfie. Yay!

This Super-Duper fast train Journey on its own was great for me (Fayu wasn’t too impressed). After 2 n half hour journey we finally reached Paris, we dint have to go through immigration here, Great! Took a cab to the hotel, could’ve taken the metro but we had luggage so no thanks. Our hotels were booked in the most romantic part of the city, Montmartre!

We did not waste a minute in the hotel, dropped our bags and went on to explore the city. We were staying very close to Sacre-Coeur Basilica, a Roman Catholic Church and hence this was the first place we visited. On our way uphill towards the Basilica we came across a lot of aggressive artists who wanted to draw/sketch us, & boy were they aggressive. Knowing that we would come across such people we were well prepared and on a mission “do not to cave into requests from artists” huh, if they could be aggressive we could be strong headed and simply reject them! Did we succeed in our mission?…

No we did not. We got our portraits made.

Moving on, two words for Sacre Coeur – Exquisite Architecture. The minute details to this basilica was gorgeous beyond words. The basilica has managed to stay white in colour inspite of the pollution, thanks to the Chateau-London stones it’s made up of.

The Basilica is located on top of a hill hence making it the highest point of the city. Sacre Coeur has a breathtaking view of the city of PARIS, although the following picture sucks:

And ofcourse,

Mandatory selfie number 1:

Our next stop was Champs-Élysées, a 2 kilometer long street which has some of Paris’s great theatre’s, Café’s and luxury brands. Some great attractions like Place de la Concorde, The big wheel, Place Charles de Gaulle & Arc de Triomphe are also located on this stretch.

Arc de Triomphe & Fayu:

Also at this point I want to add is:

-PARIS is tooo touristy and too many people forcing you into buying things like souvenir’s, toys, decorative pieces etc which gets very very annoying after a certain point of time.

– Whenever we were at a crowded place or in the metro we always had to be super careful of our belongings like phones, bags, cameras etc as Paris is quite infamous for pickpocketing.

So the next place to check out was the ICONIC Eiffel Tower, thanks to my research I knew where to find a good view of the Eiffel. So we headed towards Trocadero. Trocadero really has a very good view of the tower.

Mandatory selfie number 2:

Is Eiffel worth a visit?

ABSO-BLOODY-LUTELY !! I mean just look at that beauty..

Annndd after a zillion pictures in front of the Eiffel our next stop was Moulin Rouge!

Moulin Rouge – The most famous Cabaret in the world, and bloody expensive. I thought Moulin Rouge would have great dancing, costumes and skin-show ONLY, but this place blew me away and it was SO much more than what I thought it would be. I was acting like a small girl who had seen Queen Elsa in real life – yes, that’s exactly how I would describe it. Moulin Rouge is one of those once in a life travel clichés that you must do when you are in PARIS. Is it worth it? Totally worth it!

Post the Cabaret we were toooo tired & headed to our hotel and ended our Day 1 in Paris. A Day 2 blog will follow s-o-o-n including what I loved most and what I did not love about Paris.

Until next time guys!

Au Revoir