I am Obsessed!

Hey guys!

I know I have been MIA for a few days and I have a very good reason for it too. I have been watching this Turkish TV Series called – Ask Laftan Anlamaz (Love is not understood by words).

The leading pair in this series are like drop dead gorgeous. I just can’t get enough of them. I mean Just look at them they are so good looking it’s frustrating & it’s NOT fair.




So this series is Light, funny, fresh & Romantic. Hayat Uzun originally from a small Province called Giserun and comes to Istanbul and starts working for Murat. They begin to fall in love but there are mysteries that Hayat holds – Honestly I don’t wanna say anything more & ruin the plot for you guys! This series has 31 episodes, the beginning was real fun but the like any other series this one also began to get a little draggy by the end. They could have shortened the series (but i think this show kept running for the fans) Draggy or not if you are a Romantic Buff like me do not miss out on this series.




I watched it online with English subtitles.  Do watch it and let me know if you like it too?

Until next time 🙂





This Valentine’s – Make a difference!

Why is Valentine’s day always associated with your boyfriends, girlfriends or spouses? Isn’t this the day of love? So why do you have to limit expressing our love to only that one person. You may say because they are ‘special’ – Ok! Agreed they are special! So isn’t your mum special? Isn’t your cat special? Isn’t your best friend with whom you have a platonic relationship special? Aren’t kids in the orphanage who have no family special?

Valentine’s Day is considered as a lovely day to express your love, and we should try not to stick to please that one person. You need to share the love with everyone that is special to you. “How do I walk up to my father randomly & say ‘I love you’? That’s gonna be awkward” – if your not the ‘expressing with words’ type then you have so many other ways to express your love. For instance, hold that door for a few more seconds for someone, offer an act of kindness, write a note for your little sibling, make coffee for your colleague, give a compliment to someone, tell a good joke or a bad one.Its simple things in life that makes people happy & if you are in any which way a reason for that happiness that alone will increase the love for you in their hearts! Be that reason this Valentine’s Day and bring that beautiful change. It would cost you nothing but make a huge difference!

P.S: don’t forget to send flowers to your loved ones ocassionally & not just on Valentine’s!

PARIS.. Part 2

Hello there!!

So as Promised, its time for part 2 of my blog in Paris. If you haven’t read part 1 then click the link below:


So we were staying in this small yet cozy hotel in Montmartre – did I mention for the hundredth time about how much I loved Montmartre? I guess now its pretty clear. We had visited Paris is summer – “Summer in Paris? Haha how hot can it get there? we live in the middle east for gods sake” kept telling this to ourselves. But then, Paris was hot, really really hot. Im sure it was a 100 degrees that day. Could not sleep so I woke up early & decided to freshen up and explore Montmartre. Fayu decided to sleep in – such a Princess.

Montmartre is known for its vast history, popularly known as a village of Paris this place has character. I started walking through the cobbled streets of this alluring neighborhood which was home to a lot of famous artists like Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso & Amedeo Modigliani. Back then artists loved working in these narrow yet supremely charming streets & you see this culture alive even today. I headed towards  Place du Tertre – a beautiful square in Montmartre, with a lot of artists who go out into the street to showcase their work, you also have a lot of choices in terms of restaurants and cafes here.

I dint want to eat at this square as I had another cafe in my mind. As I kept walking I came across what I was looking for – Cafe Des 2 Moulins! Yep, the same cafe from the movie Amelie:

They have pictures of Amelie in the cafe!

The café looks the same from the outside but has changed on the inside. I decided to order Crème Brulee – did not taste great which is ok as I was very happy to see the café where Amelie worked. Sat there till my heart was content & began walking again.

My next stop was Coquelicot bakery. As expected it was packed but I still managed to grab croissants, eclairs, tarts & baguette sandwiches. You may ask ‘but dint you just eat from that café? Guys I dint buy this for me, this was for the Princess who was waiting for me at the hotel.. Ok I may have eaten a few mini tarts, eclairs and a cheese croissant while walking towards the hotel.

We had a long day ahead of us so we started our journey for the day. Headed towards – Notre Dam, a cathedral over 800 years old known for its Gothic architecture and is among most well-known church buildings in the world.

Please note: Following photographs come into existence when you have a wife who is least interested in capturing your ‘Shahrukh Khan’ moments but sadly has no other choice but to click, click & click:

Notre Dame is more popular than Eiffel Tower in terms of visitors, this monument has a whopping 13 million visitors each year. This monument is also an active church making it the most significant place to conduct important religious events of France.

Notre Dam is definitely gorgeous but for me ‘Seine river’ stole the show. This beautiful river flows through the middle of the city. It is because of this river that Paris grew vastly in trade & Commerce.

Me trying to look cool in the pictures below:

Tried to pose like Fayu. I failed. Miserably. (I’m literally frowning in that pik, such an idiot)

After posing for picture we walked through the banks of the Seine until we arrived the famous bridge  ‘Pont Des Arts’ – known as the love lock bridge until the French government decided to get rid of the padlocks as it was adding additional weight to the bridge which was dangerous. Heartbreak for all the lovers who had left their memento here.

Picture time – perks of having a wife who clicks your pictures 24/7 also don’t miss pont des arts in the background guys (and yes that is my shadow):

Unlike me Fayu enjoys art, culture and not just FOOD. So we had to go to the Louvre Museum – we knew we would never cover this massive museum even if we were to spend the entire day there, so we told each other that we would check out the famous Mona Lisa, a few other pieces and leave.

I had expected Mona Lisa to be a fairly big painting which it was NOT. You get to see this painting from far as it is surrounded by a large number of crowd. Honestly, I wasn’t too impressed by the painting – I mean why is everyone going gaga about this painting? It’s not that I have a problem with Mona but its just that  I don’t understand the hype.

Guys I had to force myself through the crowd & put my life at stake to click this picture hence it would be highly appreciated if you could observe a moment of silence for my Act of Bravery:

Fayu was engrossed in the art (as expected) & kept checking out the place but I had already started getting hungry. He gave up finally after 2 hours of being constantly pestered by me to leave the Louvre. He dint expect I would survive for more than 15 minutes – so obviously he was proud of me that I lasted for over 2 hours.

Perks of having a wife who will click your crazy pictures 24/7:

We had walked a lot on this day & had started to get really tired so we decided to head back to our room and freshen up before dinner.

We had dinner at a restaurant in Montmartre, our only condition was we wanted to eat a French delicacy, Escargot’s – Snails. This was the first time we were going to eat snails in our entire life as everyone was raving about it so we just had to try it. I even asked the waiter ‘how are the snails? Do they taste good?’ to which he said ‘Im French, and they are chewy and taste bad’. Ok great! Now what? I saw Fayu’s smug smile and thought to myself there’s no way we are going to back out now. Placed the order and it arrived:


Thank god it came without shells! How did it taste? It was not as bad as the waiter had described, the snails were cooked in pesto  sauce so the only taste I got was of the pesto. So ‘mission eat snails’ – Accomplished! Yayyyyy! Fayu also ordered chicken salad and Risotto incase the snails sucked! After dinner we headed back to our room as we had to travel the next day. (Travel? Where next? Amsterdam. Will you blog about it & bore us to death again? Yes ofcourse!)

I know I was supposed to include what I love and not love about Paris in this blog, but assuming that I’ve tortured you enough for today I shall do it the next time.
Until then, Au Revoir lovelies!