Fashion Inspiration for upcoming wedding season!

Hello Ladies!

I know I have been MIA, but I’m back! And this time I wanna share some of my fashion inspirations that I think might interest you & lead you to incorporate it in your wardrobe. Now that the wedding season is coming up and the stress about ‘what to wear’ is building up I think its time we start planning on this UTMOST SERIOUS PROJECT!

The fashion trend in western clothes this season is bell sleeves, off shoulders, layered sleeves, ruffles (this has been there for a while), asymmetrical tops! I think we can incorporate these into our ethnic Sarees/ Salwar Kameez really well!

Here are some of my Sleeve Inspirations, we could use these sleeves for our Salwar Kameez or Saree blouses!

Option 1



Option 2
Option 3

Kameez/top Inspirations:

Imagine a long top like this with full sleeves! Loveeeeee!!
Floral Overcoat Inspired Salwar Kameez? Why Not? 

Pants/Trouser Inspirations:

Remember these Bell trousers? They are back!
How pretty are these Ruffled palazzo pants?

That’s it from me this time! Let me know if you love or hate this post!

P.S: I have no rights over the above pictures, I had to use them because they are so damn pretty!

Until next time folks!




Sulz Gallery Scarves – Review

Hello Lovely Ladies!

A lot of you beautiful ladies have been asking me about where I buy my scarves – I’ve bought them mostly from stores in Doha or Dubai. But if you are residing in India then you do not need to worry because there are so many excellent stores in India that sell scarves. One store I came across on instagram was Sulz Gallery. I was very Impressed by the variety of prints and kinds of scarves they had to offer. I was sent two scarves from this outlet – Thank you again Sulz Gallery for the Love!

First scarf:



The first one I tried was this beautiful printed cotton viscose scarf. I love the colors here and how it feels on me – very soft! This scarf has contrasting colors and looks great when you wear it! Its very light weight and perfect for Indian weather. The length of this scarf is 180 cm & the width is 90cm. Pretty good!

Second scarf:



The fabric in this scarf is more cotton like and I love the Lace detailing of this pretty scarf & they come in a wide range of colors. The length of this scarf is 180 cm & the width is 75cm. Personally I prefer wider scarves hence this one was not my favorite. Then again that is what I prefer.

Review? I think these are great cotton viscose scarves as they are light and airy- Making it Perfect for Indian weather (especially for summers), comes in beautiful prints and they are very affordable too! ALSO, they deliver all over India, UAE, Bahrain, Qatar & Saudi Arabia!!

Check out there Instagram Page – sulz_hijab_scarves 

Go ahead and check her page out!


Girl From Kasargod

What I Wore For My Brother’s Wedding

Hello Gorgeous!

My brother’s wedding was one of the biggest things this year for me (also for him I guess. Shouldn’t it be the biggest thing for him and not for me? No what am I saying? It should be equally big for me & him! But I’m not the one who’s getting married, he’s the one getting married. Ok wait! *thinks a lot & comes to a conclusion* – Nevermind Shahla, don’t stress your brain over it’s capacity)

Moving on, this post is my attempt to show off what I wore at my brother’s wedding. (Don’t use terms like show off! It comes off as rude & boastful which you are most of the times but don’t show your true colors to your readers just yet) Oh right! So this post is to show you guys what I wore for brother’s wedding. 

Outfit for Nikah (The name given for a Muslim marriage):

Me & the Beautiful Bride AKA my sister AKA my sister in law AKA my brother’s wife – You get the point!
I got the off white cloth fabric from India (Courtesy my lovely Mother In Law) & the pearl lace on my waist also from India. The fabric used for the gown is a soft net with floral embroidery  on it. Got this dress stitched from a tailor in Qatar.

Squint eyes & that 100 watt smile – such a retard

Outfit for Mehendi:

I wore a all royal blue cape top & a pleated skirt for the Mehendi with a turban (Turban tutorial coming next week on the blog – I Promise!). I bought the fabric for the top & skirt from Doha. The top is again a soft net with embroidery & pearls on it and the fabric of the skirt is raw silk. Got this outfit tailor made in Doha.



Outfit for Kerala Reception:

I got a soft net fabric AGAIN. This time I bought a red soft net and decided to make a Sari out of it.



My Darlings!! Sisters from other mother 🙂 Aren’t they Gorgeous? MashaAllah. Also I need to learn some fashion from these two ^_^

If you read my previous blog – March Goals, you will know that I was the unofficial event manager of my brother’s wedding. Hence, NO SINGLE PICTURES FROM THIS DAY (Sniff, Sniff)

Outfit for Mumbai reception:

So for this day I bought a ready made beautiful gold salwar kameez and bought a mirror work lace. I added this lace to enhance the already beautiful dress.



Well Well! That’s it for today! Let me know if you want me to blog anything in particular? (Turban and scarf tutorial coming up next week).