H&M Bronzer Palette

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This is going to be a short and quick review on the HnM Bronzer palette. I do not know where to begin with honestly. So I picked this palette just to try it – I had not heard or read of any reviews of this palette. This Palette costs around QAR 45 which is around $12.36 or INR 809. The palette consists of two shades of highlighter (Gold undertone & bronze undertone) and two shades of bronzer (Creamish brownish & dark brown). Packaging is pretty cute and simple although it would be great if the packaging would be more sturdy & not made up of cardboard. Also I wouldn’t mind a mirror (Asking for too much am I?)
So how is this Palette?
I know this product looks very average, but boy oh boy it has a great highlighter! Especially the gold highlighter is to die for. This is one product that I had no expectations from & it has pleasantly surprised me. The highlighter with the bronze undertone is more subtle. 




This is just one swipe guys
Now for the bronzer
The product has a smooth and a very fine texture. Its powdery & the pigmentation is good, buildable too. Gives you a good contoured look as well.
This is the colour it gives with just one swipe
My Rating for this Product : 3.8/5
Also, if you want to really Highlight & Contour without making a hole in your pockets then this product is the one for you!  A great value for money too!
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Make Up Forever Ultra HD Foundation – Review

Foundation – Is a magical lotion packed in a small bottle that changes lives of many young girls.

Make Up Forever is French cosmetics brand with some of the best products making professional makeup artists incline towards this brand. This is the only brand that produces HD foundation which when applied gives a flawless finish. They revamped their range of foundation in 2015 and have added more shades in this range to compliment different skin tones:

As you have already guessed by now, I will be reviewing the Ultra HD Foundation today which is a water based foundation giving you a medium to full coverage – it’s light & buildable too. The texture of this foundation is liquidy & a small amount of this product goes a long way, which is GREAT! They are available in 40 different shades which is AMAZING! 

They truly have the best range of shades, Cool neutral or warm – You name it, they have it! They have shades which suit all skin tones, some of them with yellow undertone (Denoted as Y) & some with red undertone (Denoted as R). I splurged 210 QAR for this high-end foundation which is approximately 3,750 Rupees but if you buy it from Europe you could get it for 43€ which is approximately 3000 rupees. I know it’s  a bit expensive but one obviously has to intentionally avoid negotiating with the ‘finance manager’ within you & buy this beauty product, because by the end of the purchase you will be a very happy girl….


The packaging of this magical lotion is quite simple yet very practical and handy. You get 30ml of this product & it comes with a pump (no need to pay extra for the pump). The only thing I din’t like about the packaging is the lid falls off when I store it in my make up bag. Not a big issue, still an issue.

I use the shade Y365 “now”, I say now because I used to use Y385 which matched my skin perfectly but after 2 hours of application it would start oxidizing, eventually making me look a lot darker than my skin tone. Don’t panic the problem is not the foundation, oxidation happens when chemicals react to the natural oils of your skin. So have I turned into an apple? Yes I think so. 

Ok moving on, to overcome this problem I bought the foundation again,  but this time 2 shades lighter than the previous shade. The MUA at Sephora told me to go for one shade light but I was as adamant as a child. You know me.

Got the shade I wanted & I think it suits me well, & I agree it’s a little towards the lighter end. But this girl needs what she needs.

Here is a before & after application of foundation pik on me (forgive me for the bad picture guys):

In the above picture I’ve applied a very thin coat of only this foundation- no concealer & no powder. If I were to apply a thick layer this product it would not look cakey unlike some of the other high end brands.

I apply a primer first so that the foundation glides on my face smoothly & for it to stay intact. I have an oily skin, hence I recommend a silicon based primer for all you girls with oily skin before applying this foundation. The finish of this foundation is initially satin like but after a few minutes becomes powdery in a very nice way. This foundation gives you a natural & flawless coverage which is why I absolutely love this foundation. It is designed for 4K definition – which makes this foundation undetectable even under 4k lens? Cool or what!


I’ve used a lot of foundations in the past few years but must say that Make Up Forever Ultra HD Foundation is one of my top picks – this little guy is a WINNER!
Let me know if you want me to review any other product!

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