LISBON – Portugal’s hilly, coastal capital city. Rephrase: Portugal’s hilly Gorgeous and absolutely mesmerizing capital city!

Portugal was our last stop in our Europe tour last summer & I can easily say that Lisbon was my most favorite capital city. I am most certain that I would definitely go back to this beautiful city, In Sha Allah! So after Amsterdam, it was time for us to head toward Lisbon, Portugal. So we touched down in Lisbon. Supremely excited. Waited for our luggage. Made some friends while we waited for our luggage. Said our Hi’s and goodbye’s to our newly acquired friends. Hopped on to a bus which took us right outside our hotel in Saldanha.

We were staying at the Evolution Lisboa – a hotel with modern decor, Rooms with lights & curtains that could be controlled through the hotel’s own smartphone app, open-plan bathrooms, super friendly staff & Rated 9/10 by


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Fayu was really impressed by the friendly staff and the quirkiness of the hotel that he wanted to go back to Doha and write a review about the hotel – For those of you who dont know Fayu, he is my husband and he would never write a review about anything in this whole wide world. So for him to even think of writing a review is something I consider to be MAJOR.  Moving on, we were extremely hungry and could easy eat an elephant so after we dropped our bags we decided to take the metro & head towards Restauradores square.

My food
His food

Lisbon is hilly city as I mentioned earlier, we took a tram-like lift that carried us from the Restauradores square all the way up to São Pedro de Alcântara Belvedere. From there, you can go into the quirky and charming neighborhood –  Bairro Alto.

BAIRO ALTO – This neighborhood of Lisbon has character. You get to see a lot of diversity here, restaurants, Fado houses, bars, pubs and Cafés as well as stores to shop are all around the streets, lanes and alleys. The most interesting fact of this place is that during the day this place looks really busy with a lot of locals and few tourists. In the night, everything changes – Restaurants, Bars and shops, that stay open until late at night, are full of tourists and people of all ages. Bairro Alto promises an enjoyable night to its visitors. In Portugal streets are known as Rua, some of the main streets in Bairro Alto are Rua da Rosa & Rua do Norte.

Our next stop was Alfama – this neighborhood has a gorgeous view of the city also the St George castle is located here. The best way to discover this gorgeous part of the city is by foot but then, Alfama remains incomplete without a ride on Tram 28. The Alfama portion of the tram ride stops at important sites such as the Castle of St. George, The Cathedral, and Church of St. Antonio as well as viewpoints such as Miraduoro das Portas do Sol and Miraduoro de Santa

View from Alfama


Our next stop was Castelo de Sao Jorge, an ancient Moorish castle that stands above central Lisbon overlooking River Tagus and city of Lisbon. This castle dates over 400 years and is one of the major tourist spots.

View of Lisbon City


Kicking away all the bad vibes


Because Portugal won the Euro Cup that month :p

After lingering around in Alfama we then decided to head back to our hotel but, not before trying the famous ‘pastel de nata’ also known as Pastel de Belém or queijadas de nata (depends on where you’re buying the pastel from) – a Portuguese egg tart pastry dessert. These tarts are absolutely delicious thin and flaky on the outside and warm custard like on the inside.

Drooooooooooooooooooooool 😀

So that’s it from me for today folks! Part 2 of this post will be up sooon!

Until next time!


9 thoughts on “LISBON, PORTUGAL – Day 1

  1. Hi very nice travel stories!
    It made me to feel I was with your tour to eourop
    Photos quality even made story colorful
    Nice effort and creativity 👍
    I m proud of you twice as I m from kasaragod and work in Doha as well😊

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