March Goals!


Wow! Its the third month of 2017 already you guys! Its been C-R-A-Z-Y so far, the last two month just flew for me. I must say it was quite productive for me wherein I got to do & learn a lot of new things. Also I completed 1 month of blogging – ‘Happy 1 month anniversary to me‘ (Yayyyyyyyy!!!!) 

I’ve been doing my homework before I started blogging & saw a lot of bloggers who kept setting goals for themselves, setting up goals is a great way to keep you going & also achieving all that you wish for one step at a time. Since childhood, I must say I’ve been AMAZING at setting goals – but HORRIBLE at achieving them! Hence, today I’ll be doing a Goals Post for the month of March. Why a goals post? So that I’ll be under pressure to achieve them & not be a bad example to my readers. But before that, you need to know what happened in the first two months this year;

My January & February Goals were:

Offer help at my brother’s wedding (I was the “unofficial” event manager there)

Start a blog (I did! Had to gather a lot of courage for this one)

Start a physical activity (Started Swimming)

Design your own clothes for your brother’s wedding (Yes I did it! I’ll be blogging about the wedding & the clothes obviously!!)

Read more (I read a lot of useful blogs)

Start learning a new language (Did not happen)


My March Goals are:

Upload a turban tutorial

Show up to work on time (Guys I Promise you I get late because of traffic – EVERYDAY!! AARGGGHHH)

Swim thrice a week

Set a weekly budget for me (and try not to fall into the trap of buying another pair of those gorgeous shoes)

Help my cousins during their exam

Write a minimum of 2 blog posts a week

Get my blog posts ready for a week in advance


Drink more water


What are your March goals guys? – Comment below and let me know 🙂

Take care beautiful people!




16 thoughts on “March Goals!

  1. March Goals

    1.Sleep Early (Atleast at 11 PM) (My Idiotic Room Mates Not Allowing To Sleep Early)

    2.Search A Place In Qatar Where I Can Study Keytar Instrument

    3. Fininsh All Pending Works In Office And Defnetly I Will Do It.

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  2. Hey, I’m from kasaragod too .. You’re doing a great job… I really like this blog… I’ve been wanting to start one since ages…(2-3 years I guess ) .. 😉 I love reading travel blogs… but being the lazy bum in the house I don’t travel much:( I think you could collab with other 2 or 3 bloggers with similar style from kasaragod itself … Great work !! Much love :):)

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  3. Wow, you are really motivated, my dear! Good for you for achieving most of those goals on the list. I set a goal to write a a blog post every other week, and can barely manage to meet that! Keep doing what you are doing and good luck with the event planning for your brother’s wedding. Smiles xx

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  4. Hi Shahla ..doing great! Happy to see you here.. bdw.. like the title ” Girl frm Kasaragod”😁..and not forget to mention.. writing blogs are totally you..atleast you wont be so talkative then😆
    Secret admirer..guess who?

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