What I love & not love about Paris 

Hello you guys!

So I decided to keep this post short & simple. Following my vacation in Paris here is a list of what I love & Not Love about Paris!!

What I loved about Paris ❤️

1.The Parisans we met on our trip were very friendly & helpful unlike the stories we had heard or read. Lesson? Do not believe everything you hear.

2.DONT MISS THE CROISSANTS & MACARONS. Tip:Have A croissant first things in the morning from a local bakery & A Macaron from LADURÉE.

3.The Eiffel Tower sparkling in the night – a gorgeous sight you will always remember. Don’t miss this sight for anything in the world!! Ok you can miss it for Game of Thrones.

4.Fashion. This city is a Freaking Fashion Runway. Don’t be surprised when you see women wear high heels, pretty dress & cherry red lipstick to buy some milk from the local grocery. Motto to follow here:

“People will stare. Make it worth their while” – Harry Winston

5.Street musicians and performers.

6.Moulin Rouge

7.You get to see gorgeous panoramic views of the city.

By ‘view’ I did not mean us, it’s the background. You can consider us as a view as well, we wouldn’t mind that.

9. Artists in Montmartre

10. Montmartre

11. Learning French pronunciations. How would you pronounce Champs Elysees? Answer: Shonz-lee-zay.

12. Window shopping in Champs Elysees.

13. Posing by the Seine River.

What I did not love about Paris 💔
1. A lot of People trying to Con you. You see beggars & homeless don’t be fooled – they probably have more money than you.

2. The Louvre. Mona Lisa, especially this painting is not worth the hype. Also I don’t like art, but if that’s what makes you happy then go ahead my friend.

3. Too darn touristy that it gets annoying.

4. It is an expensive city. (won’t stop me from going back)

Until next time folks!

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